If Done Right, Sightseeing Around Castle Hill Is An Incredible Experience

With so many great sights in and around Castle Hill, NSW, Australia, where does one start? The tips below are a great way to start off any Castle Hill Vacation. See more here.

Hit The Beaches

Castle Hill, NSW, Australia is located a mere 30 km from the coast (Castle Hill residents are spoiled that way). This, combined with the area’s warm climate, adds up to great fun at the beach. The beaches near Castle Hill happen to be some of the most beautiful and renowned beaches in the world. They are perfect for swimming, surfing, or just laying out in the warm Australia sun. See here for information about Shopping In Castle Hill, NSW, Australia.

Hit The City

Those who like the hustle and bustle of a big city will feel at home in Castle Hill, NSW, Australia, as the area is a short drive from Sydney’s central business district. One of the great things about Sydney is that many of its most popular sights and attractions are packed into a relatively small area, meaning that you can hit a number of them within a day. You can, of course, also spend weeks exploring all there is to offer in Sydney and Castle Hill.